Thursday, November 4, 2010

The craziness!

Well, a good friend just started blogging again, so I figured, heck, why not give it another try?  It may only make it this one post, but at least I tried!  And that is what is important in many things in've got to give them a shot.  Or as in the words of my kids cartoon...."try it, you'll like it!".  And while I try it again, my kiddos are running amok all over the house!  Well, really I think they are playing hide and go seek.  I cannot seem to get Drake out of his Prime costume, so that is what we will be wearing to speech today.  :)  If he believes he can be a superhero, who am I to spoil that....better to build up his self confidence now.  Besides, who wants to go through the knock down, drag out fight it will take to get him out of the thing?  The princess on the other hand is dressed in her (can you guess) princess costume!  We got word yesterday that she bit a boy on the bus for wrestling's hard to say something to her for biting and at the same time not be proud of her for standing up for herself (she was def told in the end that biting is wrong and there are better solutions).  The oldest one is at school for the day and the youngest is crawling around desperately trying to keep up with the fun that his brother and sister are having. 
This is looking to be a busy day.....supposedly Zumba (Kimmie, where is your phone silly girl?), then dropping Drake off at speech, going into volunteer at Kaylee's class, going to pick up Drake from Grandpa's, and sometime in there I need to fit in grocery shopping on ten dollar off Thursday (which is a whole nother level of craziness!)  Also save a few quick good thoughts that I find out whatever this craziness is that is wrong with me, because as Craig says, if Mom's not happy, no one is! 
Seems like the littlest one is ready for a drink and a nap and then there is cleaning to be done.....hopefully I will see you guys again sooner then six months from now!

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