Thursday, November 4, 2010

The craziness!

Well, a good friend just started blogging again, so I figured, heck, why not give it another try?  It may only make it this one post, but at least I tried!  And that is what is important in many things in've got to give them a shot.  Or as in the words of my kids cartoon...."try it, you'll like it!".  And while I try it again, my kiddos are running amok all over the house!  Well, really I think they are playing hide and go seek.  I cannot seem to get Drake out of his Prime costume, so that is what we will be wearing to speech today.  :)  If he believes he can be a superhero, who am I to spoil that....better to build up his self confidence now.  Besides, who wants to go through the knock down, drag out fight it will take to get him out of the thing?  The princess on the other hand is dressed in her (can you guess) princess costume!  We got word yesterday that she bit a boy on the bus for wrestling's hard to say something to her for biting and at the same time not be proud of her for standing up for herself (she was def told in the end that biting is wrong and there are better solutions).  The oldest one is at school for the day and the youngest is crawling around desperately trying to keep up with the fun that his brother and sister are having. 
This is looking to be a busy day.....supposedly Zumba (Kimmie, where is your phone silly girl?), then dropping Drake off at speech, going into volunteer at Kaylee's class, going to pick up Drake from Grandpa's, and sometime in there I need to fit in grocery shopping on ten dollar off Thursday (which is a whole nother level of craziness!)  Also save a few quick good thoughts that I find out whatever this craziness is that is wrong with me, because as Craig says, if Mom's not happy, no one is! 
Seems like the littlest one is ready for a drink and a nap and then there is cleaning to be done.....hopefully I will see you guys again sooner then six months from now!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Another Head Injury for the Schellenbachs

We had to take Drake into the ER for another head injury on Sunday.  So far the three oldest have all been at least once for a head injury, with Drake now having been twice!  He's our hard-headed kiddo! :)  He seems to have a very small concept of pain and loves to do anything involving physical play.  On Sunday he was sitting on the edge of a dining room chair and pushed the table away from him. Well, the chair went flying and Drake fell backwards slicing the back of his head on the chair edge.  Craig took him up to the ER where they put one staple in.  Craig said he did really well and didn't cry.  He did receive a Popsicle and a toy for his efforts though.  Later that night when I called mom to see how he was (I had to work that night and so did Craig), she said he was running around outside and fighting his sister with sticks.....good golly! I am very glad, however, that they did not have to shave any of his beautiful curly hair.  We go Monday to get the stitch taken out....that should be another story, as he associates the doctor with shots!  Thank goodness it's a Zumba day :) 

Speaking of Zumba, I have now lost more then what I gained while pregnant!  Woohoo! I am loving that class :) 

Coupon Time...starting small...

So I am just starting out and the thing that I find that frustrates me the most is when the stores are out of the onsale product.  But, so far I think I have done well...I was able to pick up some Vasoline lotion (with free trial size!) for .04 at Target the other day!  Here was my shopping trip to Walgreens (they were out of the razors I wanted :( ).

Bicc Flex Razors on sale for  3.99 - 3.00 coupon (.99)
Suave Deoderant Walgreens coupon for 2 for $3.00.  I had two coupons for $1.50 (free!)
Pert Plus Three in One Shampoo for Men $ !.99.  I had two coupons for 1.50 ( 2 for .98)
Post Cereal 2 boxes for $5.00 - 1.00 coupon - 2.00 in Register rewards (2.00)
Taco seasoning cause I needed it for dinner (.99)

Total spent after deducting RR $5.25

Go me! Go me!  :)

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Let's try again!

Well, I have decided to give this blog thing another try.....only time will tell :) Since the last time we have added to our family.....Chase Francis joined us on Jan. 1, 2010. He is the big finale of our family, and I do mean big! Mr. Chase weighed 9lbs 6oz at birth. He has since slowed down a tiny bit and is only around 12lbs (thanks to a bout with RSV last month). I am not sure on his length, but seems to be the tallest of the kids at that age. He is a good baby and while he pukes all the time due to his reflux, he smiles right through it. Baby smiles are awesome! I am a little bit sad to see him getting bigger as he is the last, but I am so glad that he is growing and healthy.
As for the other kids.....well they are definitely kids! CJ is doing very well in first grade (can you believe he is that old!) and reading at a third grade level. We are still trying to find a good summer camp for him, so if there are any suggestions that aren't 200 dollars...... :) Kaylee is the princess....that about sums it up! When she puts on her shirt that says "spirited" watch out! She is counting the days until her birthday and kindergarten. Drake has a smile that can melt your heart! He is all boy and loves anything that has to do with physical play. He still is not talking, but signing, but he really gets his point across! All of the kiddos love their new brother and when not arguing, they get along pretty well. :)
I guess the big project in the Schellenbach house right now is getting rid of the junk! We have way too many people for all this stuff to fit in the house. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that once we get it really clean and organized it will be easier to keep clean....yep I said it....but making it happen....four kids under eight....yep I said it. I am also going to be trying out some new recipes on the family.....the poor unexspecting victims of my newest goal. They never eat dinner anyway, so I figure what do I have to lose? Kaylee is the pickiest eater I know and Drake can't sit still long enough to get the fork to his mouth!
As a personal goal I am hoping to continue to lose the weight from this last baby...that's another entry all on its own.....forty two pounds down and around twenty to go!
We are all very thankful for what we have. Craig and I are both working....that last maternity leave was a squeeze. And all of the kiddos are healthy. We just try to do as many good deeds as possible, no matter how little as we know Karma will return the favor, only double. :)
Now that the re intro is over with, I promise the posts from now on will be more entertaining!

Friday, December 12, 2008

We Are Back in Buisness!

Well, the Silly Spot is back in business. We found our memory card and I finally have a second to sit down and write.....even if it is in the midst of the two oldest arguing and the youngest climbing on the dining room table. Lots has gone on since the last entry so I am not even going to try and go back and rehash. Except to say that we had our first family picture last weekend and with all of my attempts to have everyone matching and looking good it turned out halfway decent. CJ did decide to play barber and cut his three year old's hair right before hand. My only daughter, my princess, and her hair was ruined. Then again I looked at it again and considering the layered, messy, bob is in my son has some talent! :)

Christmas season is in full swing here in the Schellenbach house. Today we went and picked out a Christmas tree. It isn't the huge trees that I am used to, but it is a cute smaller tree that I think helps us to remember as this year is helping everyone to remember that money is not everything. And that we do not have to have everything extravagant and out there. Although we are not overtly religious at all I think that this holiday is all about helping others and remembering what is important to us......the fact that we have our awesome family and that we are all in good health. That we have a roof over our heads and food at our table and most of all that we have the ability to help others who might not be so lucky. CJ and Kaylee are quickly learning this lesson as we try to give them many opportunities to help.

CJ's first school Christmas concert is coming up and no one is more excited then he is. He has told me that he will be singing loud enough for me to hear him over everyone :) I cannot believe how big my baby is getting! then on that Friday is his school Christmas party. I am in charge of bringing and making craft with 17 kindergartners. I have yet to figure out all the logistics, but it involves glue and scissors so I know that they will be up for it. CJ and Kaylee have also made decorations for our windows. We try to do most of the holidays......sure we could buy decorations, but making our own is so much fun. I will include a picture of the Halloween ones that the kids made. I am also posting some pictures of CJ at hockey.....he tries so hard! He is really improving too!

So the Christmas music has been playing for at least a month. I am almost done with Christmas shopping and I think that I managed not to go overboard this year. I made pajama pants for everyone with mom's help....I have so much to learn from her. I cannot wait until we do the Christmas baking. Someone, I won't mention who is getting a huge basket full for Christmas! It is definitely the best part of the year when we are surrounded by family and friends and also as we look to new beginnings in the new year.

Monday, October 20, 2008

A Little Bit of This and That

Ok, I admit, I cannot stay away any! I was trying to wait for some pictures to be developed before I posted. We ordered a memory card for my digital camera and it turned out not to be compatible, so I have had to take all my pictures with a disposable camera. Therefor, some posts will be out of order....I know that the one for CJ's birthday will be late. :( Also a post on CJ's new sport, hockey. Sorry CJ! In the meantime I just wanted to post a few things that have been happening lately.

Last night I asked Miss Kay to put her plate away after dinner and she bowed at the waist and said "Yes, your Highness". Not in a snotty way, just as if she was saying "OK Mom". I had to laugh :)

Drake found a whole box of Cheezits this morning and dumped them out on the carpet. When I got into the room he was backing up (so he could get a running start, something he does while kicking a soccer ball) and running and stomping all over them while laughing. I thought I had my hands full with Kaylee!

CJ got his birthday present, one of those battery powered Jeeps. He has taken both Kay and Drake for a spin. He also proceed to back over his sister by not paying attention. Thankfully, no harm done. Lately he has been very nice to his sister. When picking out his car he had to have one with two seats so that he could drive her around. Then when we were at the grocery store looking at the dollar things he wanted to get her a toy because he has so many and he wanted her to have one that she would really really like. At his kindergarten last week they had a walk for diabetes day and were allowed to wear hats for a donation. He wanted to donate all of his birthday money to the cause. I am glad that we are raising such great kids.....we must be doing something right!

CJ has also become the total little chef. Every week at the grocery store now he goes and picks out a new fillet of fish. My son at six years of age is judging seafood and then he eats it (and likes it :) ). So we have figured out he will either be a pro hockey player or a chef.....both excellent choices.
I hope to have some pictures up for everyone soon!
The positive for today is that CJ starts Spanish class again today. I am so glad that my children are able to learn many different things and try many different things to see what they enjoy.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Happy Birthday CJ and Crandpa!

Happy birthday to my oldest child CJ. I cannot believe that I am the mom of a six year old. He is the brightest, funniest, most caring, silliest, loving, imaginative, wonderful, special little (big) boy in the world. I think that CJ and his dad and I ahve done a lot of growing up together. We have learned many things these past six years and been through many happy and sad times together. CJ had his first school birthday celebration today. He got to share the day with his best friend at school, Curtis. Curtis's birthday is the day after CJ's and since they don't have school tomorrow they both brought in treats today. CJ and I went to Sam's and picked out cupcakes (pirate) for today. Today also happened to e the day of the week that Craig and I go in to help out with his class. So, we got to be there to help him celebrate. Today at his class CJ also had the ticket store which CJ was very excited about. Throughout the month the kids earn tickets for completeing their work and being on good behavior. CJ got an Iron Man activity book and another small toy. To top it all of he won the game of musical chairs and earned another five point ticket :)

After school we all went to the pet store to buy Grandpa (my dad) a fish for his birthday. CJ was born on Grandpa's 50th birthday. I think Grandpa was at the hospital before we even got there that day. We had gotten Grandpa a fish for his birthday a couple of Christmas ago, but it had passed away. Of course CJ picked a green one (green being his favorite color). I think that Granpa was happy with his new friend, so happy he even suggested he would buy CJ one for his birthday so that CJ could be that happy as well. The kids were way acting up at Grandpa's......who knew after feeding them cupcakes that they would be hyper? So, we headed home.

Tomorrow we are taking CJ up to the Mills, which he calls "where the Blues practice" to have some fun in their arcade and play area. Then on Sunday the Mad Scientist is coming for his birthday party. Ever since he saw the TV comercial he could not stop talking about how he wanted a Mad Science party. And what six year old wouldn't be excitged about getting to make his own slime? CJ also invited his class to come, so this is the first year that we will have so many little kids at a party. For this I am glad that we are helping out in CJ's class....we get to know all of his friends and they are all great kids.

I would love to post pictures from today, but I am waiting on a new memory stick for my camera. I will post pictures as soon as possible.

Happy Birthday CJ!!!!!